Is Your Plumbing Prepared for Spring and Summer? Make Sure You’re Ready with These 6 Tips

Don’t let the frigid nor’easters fool you: spring will be here before you know it. Once you no longer have to worry about calling your local Buckingham emergency plumbing service because your pipes have frozen over, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to make sure that your system is fully functional and up-to-date. When you’re ready, use these tips to help your system run optimally in the upcoming months.

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Don’t Get Stuck: Preventing Clogged Drains

As homeowners, we’re all familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with a clogged drain. Whether you’re hearing a few gurgles from your kitchen sink or seeing the water in your toilet rise at an alarming rate, you have an idea of what’s coming next. Plumbing blockages can pose a major inconvenience, rendering sections of your house completely without running water for days at a time.

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Which Boiler Is Right for You?

Nobody wants their heat to fail in the middle of a record-breaking winter storm. Unfortunately, this happens to countless Americans almost every day around this time of year. Without regular maintenance, it is easy to allow boilers to fall into disrepair. Often, age is enough to put a boiler out of commission. If you suspect that your boiler is on its last legs, it may be time to start looking for a new unit.

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Know the Signs of Winter Plumbing Damage

That sound was just the wind – right? Listen closer – that clanging probably isn’t a ghost, but it could be coming from your pipes.

Falling temperatures can pose a threat to the integrity of your plumbing system. Extreme cold causes the metal in your plumbing to contract, sometimes leading to cracks and leaks. Even worse, frozen pipes may rupture, potentially inflicting thousands of dollars of water damage. Continue reading “Know the Signs of Winter Plumbing Damage”

3 Small Signs that You Need Your Water Heater Inspected

The temperature is starting to drop, children are going back to school, and the leaves are beginning to change colors. Fall must be officially here! Fall is one of the times of year in which we use the highest amount of hot water, and we depend upon our hot water heaters more than ever starting in September. Before you turn up the usage on your water heater, make sure your preventative maintenance is up to date!
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5 Signs That There Might Be a Leak in Your Home

Identifying water leaks in your home is not as simple as you might think. Sometimes, a leak is not always visible or audibly recognizable with a little tell-tale ‘drip, drip’ noise. A leak could be happening right above you, and you might not even know it.

Even if you don’t notice a leak, your house will. A water leak could be damaging your walls, floors, pipes, and especially your wallet without your knowledge.

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Why Your Water Needs Testing and Treatment

When you turn on the faucet in the morning to brush your teeth and take a shower, much more is going on than you might think. For water to enter your home, it must first be collected in various forms of reservoirs, accessed through a well drilled into the earth, pumped to the surface, treated by a facility, and then carried through numerous pipes before it ever even reaches your property. During all of this movement, the water collects bits of soil erosion, sediments, chemicals and other particulate matter. The presence of these contaminants can not only damage your home’s plumbing system but endanger the health of you and your family.

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